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Shadow Warrior 2 Bounty Hunt DLC Part 2 Update v1 1 13 0 – CODEX


rapid-games.orgPlattform: PC
Genre: Action
Vorschau: YouTube
Größe: 24 MB
Format: Exe
Passwort: -Keines-
Hits: 1567 Aufrufe
Sprache/n: Englisch
Untertitel/Texte: Deutsch Englisch
Release Name: Shadow.Warrior.2.Bounty.Hunt.DLC.Part.2.Update.v1.1.13.0-CODEX

ARID’s journey continues in The Fall Part 2: Unbound, the sequel to the award-winning epic sci-fi adventure. In a desperate attempt to save herself, ARID (an AI on­board a futuristic combat suit) becomes threatened when she is ejected from her body and projected onto a vast global network. In a desperate attempt to save herself, ARID invades and attempts to control several other robots she finds there — each of which has different personalities that give her an edge over obstacles and yet a challenge in learning new techniques. Will ARID successfully enlist their help before it’s too late? One thing’s for certain — the process will change her. You have to fall to pick yourself up…

The Fall series combines platformer-style exploration and combat with point-and-click adventure­-style puzzles to create a fresh experience. The sequel features new characters, new gameplay twists, haunting art direction and an even more engrossing story,

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