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Out of the Park Baseball 15 – TiNYiSO



Genre: Sport
USK: Ab 0 Jahren
Vorschau: Trailer
Info: NFO
Größe: 430 MB
Format: Bin
Disc: 1
Sprache/n: Englisch
Release Datum: 5/5/14
Release Name: Out.of.the.Park.Baseball.15-TiNYiSO

Out of the Park Baseball 15 (c) OOTP Developments

Release On : 5 May 2014 Disk Amount/Format : 1 CD ISO
Type of Game : Baseball Media Protection : Activation

Out of the Park Baseball 15 is the 2014 version of the best-selling and
award-winning baseball simulation game.

Play with 2014 Major League rosters (including thousands of individually
rated real players down to the low minor leagues, major league ratings
are based on the accurate Baseball Prospectus PECOTA projection system),
7 real international leagues, any historical major league replay season
from 1871 to 2013, the complete history of baseball in career mode or
simply a completely customizable fictional league, including great
player photos utilizing the FaceGen engine!

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