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Herr der Ringe Schlacht Um Mittelerde Anthology GERMAN – iND


rapid-games.orgPlattform: PC
Genre: Strategy
Vorschau: YouTube
Größe: 14306 MB
Format: ISO
Passwort: -Keines-
Hits: 1888 Aufrufe
Sprache/n: Deutsch
Untertitel/Texte: Deutsch
Release Name: Herr.der.Ringe.Schlacht.Um.Mittelerde.Anthology.GERMAN-iND

This realtime strategy game combines economic development with tactical real time battles, all fully shown in 3D. In two campaigns with seven missions, each the player is able to take control of the legendary people of Macedonia.

Fight alongside Alexander The Great and bring peace to the city states of ancient Greece. Put together an army and fight with your soldiers for wealth and peace, becoming more successful than Alexander The Great himself. But beware: It will not be just your enemies that will envy you.

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One Response to “Herr der Ringe Schlacht Um Mittelerde Anthology GERMAN – iND”

  1. ich says:

    cracked exe nach patch auf V.1.3 stürzt nach ca 60sek ab—>IMMER!

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