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Darkest Dungeon The Shieldbreaker Update Build 21142 – CODEX


rapid-games.orgPlattform: PC
Genre: Indie
Vorschau: YouTube
Größe: 112 MB
Format: ISO
Passwort: -Keines-
Hits: 1006 Aufrufe
Sprache/n: Englisch
Untertitel/Texte: Englisch
Release Name: Darkest.Dungeon.The.Shieldbreaker.Update.Build.21142-CODEX

Your task is to navigate and explore an ever-shifting castle with the objective of obtaining the Sacred Artefact. You gain experience by fighting enemies and you can level-up your character attributes to improve your overall skills and abilities. Along the way, you will encounter mysterious objects and weapons you will need to complete your quest.

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