A – Train 9 – SKIDROW



Genre: Simulation
USK: Ab 12 Jahren
Vorschau: Trailer
Info: NFO
Größe: 1040 MB
Format: ISO
Disc: 1
Sprache/n: Englisch
Release Datum: 05/05/14
Release Name: A-Train.9-SKIDROW

A-Train 9 is an exciting simulation and business game focusing on urban development and traffic. Start your career in the early days of Railroads history and work your way up to the greatest railroad tycoon in the country – or even the entire world.
As the head of your own railroad company your main goal is to raise enough profits to keep expanding your rail network in order to become the greatest owner of Railroad Company in history.
Through the expansion of rail cargo and public transport more and more companies and residents will accumulate near your rail network, your little tiny whistle stops will soon become prosper metropolises.
Urban development is also your task ? make your cities growing prosper and the inhabitants happy.
Care about all details ? from the daily schedule to the expansion of the rail system, everything is in your responsibility.

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